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9 September 1985
I'm a college graduate, who just finished a degree in English, so I am going back to school. I've just moved to Dallas to attend UTD for Speech Pathology in January of 2009. I am a Christian with Universalist tendencies. I am a cinephile, bibliophile, and internet junkie. I was an English major with a mathematician's brain. I am a loner who likes people. I'm a hardcore fangirl. When I get obsessed with something, I get obsessed. I see patterns everywhere, especially involving dates and numbers. Sometimes I like books more than people. Sometimes I like fanfiction more than books.

Likes: glasses, skirts, eyeliner, Vans, Cons, flip flops, books, fanfiction, slash, pretty boys, pretty girls, vampires, artsy movies, movies with too much action, movies based on Jane Austen novels, British comedies, books, feta cheese, coffee, hot tea, cold tea, sweet tea, instrumental music that makes me cry, music that makes me dance, my cat, Harry Potter, bdsm, sleeping in a warm bed, numbers, sodas, books

Dislikes: bigots, the fact that I'm allergic to coffee and just about every kind of milk, lipstick, high heels, Jane Austen novels, American comedies, people who don't use their blinkers when they drive, mushrooms, not getting enough sleep, people who are intentionally and willfully ignorant, playing games (both literally and metaphorically), flat sodas, overanalyzing books and poetry, poorly written erotica, chewable pills

I've been in the HP fandom since 2004, was in GundamW and Weiss Kreuz before that, and have just recently dropped into FMA and a small dose of Supernatural.

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